Doesn’t matter if you are a Neo-Nazi, as long as you are in the Low-Carb Party!

Recently Jimmy Moore appeared on David Duke’s podcast. Who is David Duke? Only a former KKK member who continues to be for white separatism who formed “National Association for the Advancement of White People” and founded infamous message board Stormfront, where people discuss how white people are superior. Also a Holocaust denier. Some people on the LC forums pointed that out and in a now-deleted exchange, Jimmy said (emphasis mine):

by Rian Yyrkah

You’re a fan of David Duke?

by LLVLCBlog

His nutrition stuff is spot on.

by Diana Moon

David Duke is a neo-Nazi. Because you agree with him about nutrition, you link to him?

by LLVLCBlog

He invited me on his radio show and his nutrition thoughts are on target with the low-carb message. What he believes outside of diet and health doesn’t really matter to me. 

He also appears on Jimmy’s new list of “36 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs For December 2012.” 

A new low in this community’s stance on turning a blind eye against hate. 

Here are some great Duke quotes:

"These Jews who run things, who are producing this mental illness ­­ teenage suicide…all these Jewish sicknesses…that’s nothing new. The Talmud’s full of things like sex with boys and girls."

"What we really want to do is to be left alone. We don’t want Negroes around. We don’t need Negroes around. We’re not asking ­­ you know, we don’t want to have them, you know, for our culture. We simply want our own country and our own society. That’s in no way exploitive at all. We want our own society, our own nation…."

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